Waiting For Godot By Samuel Beckett


Okay First of all I would like to say that this Story line will and can get confusing so if I were you take time to read and understand.

I have always been fascinated by time and its mysteries but this story has taken its toll on time its self, waiting for godot is a fantastic (literarily) story. I mean it takes Déjà vu in the best way it could be portrayed in –Comedy.

The whole theme of the plot story is Comedy. Its comedic sense is showed in the most classical way possible: having to idiots be the protagonist. Think of mister bean having a twin. That’s exactly what it is.

The two main characters are:

Estragon (or gogo) he is the Childish among the two main characters who, in contrast to his characteristic, is pessimistic. He was the one doubting his friend Vladimir and Mister Godot. He doubt if mister Godot Will actually come and he was the first one to imply (but not the first to understand) that they are forever stuck in the dimension of a never ending cycle of them waiting for Godot and meeting with Pozzo, his Slave and lucky. He Brought the Comedy in the story by eating a half eaten Chicken.

Vladimir also known as Didi and the boy who came with the news that mister Godot will not be able to make it to their meeting place as Mister Albert. He is the optimistic and intellectual side of the story he, although the intellectual one, is the reason why they both are waiting for Mister Godot. He always worries about appearance. He always checks on Estragon and reminds him that he should be in his best behavior for their meeting with mister Godot.


The other characters are, namely the “Boy”, Mister Pozzo and his slave Lucky who is smarter and better than his master. Lucky wears a hat that mister Pozzo calls an intellectual hat. Lucky puts it on to share his thoughts that mister Pozzo enjoys Listening to but I know he has no Idea what Lucky is saying. I’m guessing that at this time it has been the year of slavery.

So now that we know the characters I am going to give you the gist of the Play.

Vladimir and Estragon are waiting for a man named Mister Godot. Who mister Godot is was not disclosed in the play although Vladimir asked the boy what mister Godot is like, it was Vague as to who mister Godot really is.

Vladimir and Estragon have no Idea where mister Godot is and What Day it is, in the play they are portrayed as middle aged men. They keep on talking about the past and the war and how they ran away years ago, They talk about their dreams that never happened. So aside from it being comedic and surrealistic the play also has a hint of reality.

Along the way they meet Pozzo a rich Italian man who has his slave named lucky. He is very Narcissistic because he shows how he an old man looks younger than his slave. Vladimir and Estragon showed deep interest in Pozzos slave more than Pozzo himself so he tries to impress them bvy saying lucky has entertaining Talents. After the fiasco of meeting Pozzo and Lucky they wait again until a boy delivered the news that mister Godot will not be able to come. Night comes and both the main characters still stay in the same place. So this is where the story begins to become more interesting. What happened the day before happened again except that they meet Pozzo in his accident and that his slave has escaped and that the boy that delivered the same news said to them yesterday has no Idea who they are. Slowly Vladimir realizes that they are stuck in the same time.

I have to say the story can be confusing to first time readers but the truth is. This is one of the best plays next to Hamlet. The story line is new to the story the plot is round and the characters are dynamic. I don’t think that anyone can think of a storyline like this. It is unique in its own way, I love it. The whole Idea of it and people wonder why French literatures are always the interesting ones.

stay tuned for my next post >>

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